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Additive Manufacturing of Microelectronics

  • Evaporation Printing Technology

    Advantech US is developing in-line deposition tools to drastically reduce the cost and environmental impart over the photolithography alternative. These options are very flexible to the substrate and material used.
  • Active Matrix Backplanes

    Active Matrix Backplanes

    Advantech US is creating technology to manufacture active matrix backplanes and embedded electronic components which are key in OLED displays and electronic shelf labels.
  • Electronic Shelf Labels

    Electronic Shelf Labels

    Are products that will bring cost savings to the retail store and logistics industry by replacing printed labels with a retail market of over 2 billion units domestically alone.
  • Deposition Technology

    Deposition Technology

    Advantech US has a variety of experts in the fields of vacuum deposition, materials science, computer science and engineering. Let us apply our backgrounds to solve your deposition technology issues.
  • Cleanrooms


    In-house cleanroom fabrication and testing departments provide immediate feedback to production. This provides rapid process and product optimization to quickly solve new technology issues.
  • Additive Manufacturing
    Additive Manufacturing of materials deposited through a fine metal shadow mask using proprietary and novel mounting to maintain dimensional stability and feature size and shape during fabrication.
  • Precision alignment registration
    Novel Precision alignment registration ending sub-micron accuracy and repeatability performed in steps´┐Ż
  • multiple deposition steps
    Application of multiple deposition steps through unique mask patterns builds microelectronic circuits and devices.


Active Matrix Display Products

Lower cost and more environmentally friendly produced thin film active matrix backplanes. These backplanes are the key component in Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) and E-Paper products.

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Printed Electronic Products

The small feature sizes and variety of possible substrate materials are a great match for other applications. Microlines™ and embedded components can provide miniaturization benefits while reducing cost of PCB layers.

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Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Evaporative printing technology can deposit a range of oxides, metals, and semiconductors. Proprietary mask management and alignment system can deposit features down to under 10 μm wide and with 1 µm alignment accuracy.

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